Story of JustApp

The development of information technology in Indonesia is increasing rapidly day by day. This is caused by various factors ranging from the expansion of the internet coverage area, the development of smart phones, the emergence of various kinds of social media and e-commerce, and the increasing number of people who understand and actively use the internet. JustApp is focused on helping MSME’s to increasing their pdoduct sales.

We helping MSME’s to go digital with Mobile Apps

With JustApp you can create your own Mobile Apps easily. Lets make your business stand out between others with us.

User Friendly

JustApp Mobile Apps Builder using an easy interface. Everyone can understand.

Fast Build

You can creating your Apps in just a few minutes. No coding, just drag and drop.

Various Features

Justapp has a large selection of features to suit your needs and your business.


JustApp help you to keep your monetization experience clean and ensure that app Monetization.

JustApp Mobile Apps Builder

Indonesia #1 Mobile Apps Builder. Now everyone can build stunning applications easily.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to create a great Mobile Apps without coding knowledge. We have developed a simple, user-friendly platform to increase your chances of success in building applications, to attracting more targeted audience and adding new sources of income. JustApp helps you to create user-friendly and attractive applications quickly and efficiently. And JustApp focusing on MSME’s program.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the best and most reliable codeless mobile apps builder on the market and provide our users with free updates and ongoing new feature releases on a regular basis. JustApp also has a vision to help everyone especially MSME’s turn their dream of having an app into reality in the most convenient and easy way. Our vision is to be the best technology company in Mobile Apps Builder in Indonesia.


JustApp Team

The First Team

The team leader who ensures JustApp will continue to grow and scale up.

Development team

A team that can turn your ideas into reality. They will provide new features and update to you.


JustApp has a large community in Indonesia, and it needs to be taken care off. Designers, promoters, social media specialists and project manager.

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Join JustApp’s app developer's community to share your experiences and success stories in mobile apps. Meet with JustApp’s member from all over the world.